About Heather Cole

Heather is a combination of Girl Friday, June Cleaver and filthy good girl. She’s a professional writer and an award winning sex blogger at Vagina Antics where she blogs weekly with her bff, Nikki Blue. If she’s not writing for Vagina Antics, Heather writes two columns for Fearless Press. A Kink in the Curves discusses body image and fashion, and At the Crossroads is a monthly column that explores the sensitive place where Catholicism and kink meet. She is also a published erotica author and enjoys collaborating with photographers for her book covers. She has been published in Safeword Magazine and is currently working on several other sex-positive collaborations. Heather’s pet project is an urban fantasy novel which is going very slowly because, you know, sex. Currently she’s working on a trilogy of erotica that blends sexuality with the spiritual and modeled for the cover too!

On the days that she escapes the thrall of her computer, Heather sews, takes photographs, runs, and spends an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. They don’t call it the hottest room in the house for nothin’.

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