Breakfast in Bed on Vacation


If you’re a FB pal, you’ve probably already seen this photo. I got breakfast in bed this afternoon (we slept late), which can mean only one thing. I’m visiting my Sir in the Middle East for a month. Yay, me! I end up narrating a lot of my visit via social media, but I realized that this deserved a blog update because I end up doing a lot of writing while I’m here too. It’s almost like a mini-vacation except that I work my day job remotely and write a whole bunch. The writing part feels like a treat, because I don’t have other responsibilities placed on hold while I craft my words. Sir spoils me, and tells me to stay in bed and write while he cooks, straightens up, and does other household chores. The three months out of the year that we spend together end up being pretty damn amazing.

What am I working on? To be honest, I’ve taken a break from erotic to write a southern mystery with a heroine who is in her mid-sixties. It’s quite the departure from my usual repertoire, so much so that it almost feels like a vacation in itself. I’m having so much fun with it. I’ll have to publish it under a pen name, and I’m feeling super excited about it. I’ve stopped beating myself up about not adhering to one genre in particular. The truth is that I want to write all types of stories, and I’m done fighting myself. I’m going to do it, because I love writing… marketing advice be damned.

In the meantime, I’m forging ahead with my Lady Grace edits which went on hiatus during the holidays. I had Christmas cookies and Yorkshire puddings to bake, y’all.

Now it’s back to fun vacation work before Sir notices that I’m doodling online and not on the page.